How to Play Dank Prison (The Basics)

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How to Play Dank Prison (The Basics)

Fri Sep 25, 2020 8:53 pm

Updated 10-3-20 by DankGirl

HI, and welcome to Dank Prison! Glad you are here and ready to learn how to play the server. Dank Prison is a compilation of 2+ years of Custom Code that has been created by Dank420Girl. Please throw everything you know about other Prison servers out the window because it will do you no good here. I recommend taking a toke before starting the guide (Reminder this is only The Basics of Dank Prison there is a much more indepth guide being made). Lets begin

DankPrison Concepts
Dank Prison utilizes radical concepts that no other Prison Server can offer like a stable Economy which can dynamically scale to keep prices fair for everyone. You cannot Boost meaning you cannot give your friend items for free, everyone must earn their own items. Dank Prison NEVER RESETS like traditional Prison Servers. Server Resets are a result of poor server management and shady marketing tactics. Dank Prison does not follow this path. Everything you earn in Dank Prison stays with you.

Mine Resetting
Mines don't reset themselves you reset them when your ready to reset them with "/resetmine" or "'/rm" for short. Mine Reset cooldowns can be lowered using Talents "/talents" and by using Mine Reset Pet "/pets".

You can get free food with "/food" . You can also use Implants and Satisfied Enchants to reduce hunger loss.

Warping / Teleporting
You can view the Warps in "/warps" or you can use command "/warp <name>" if you know where you want to go.

Crate Upgrading
Crate upgrading is an essential part of Dank Prison. The objective is to keep upgrading crates until you get to the tier you feel like potentially receiving rewards from (You can view reward tiers in "/cw"). You can upgrade crates by either letting CrateUpgrader upgrade your crates as you mine or you can manually combine 4x crates in the crafting menu (Press "E" for player menu and use 2x2 crafting).
The tiers go as follows common -> uncommon -> rare -> ultrarare -> legendary -> ultralegendary - > pure -> ultrapure -> dank -> ultradank -> og -> ultraog -> masterog -> immortal -> thedankest
Token Crate tiers go as follows token -> ultratoken -> raretoken -> ultrararetoken -> legendarytoken -> ultralegendarytoken - > puretoken -> ultrapuretoken -> danktoken -> ultradanktoken -> ogtoken -> ultraogtoken -> masterogtoken -> immortaltoken -> thedankesttoken

Item Salvaging
Item Salvaging is another essential part of Dank Prison. When you have unwanted armor / weapons you should be using the Salvaging System to destroy items and turn them into tokens. You can salvage an item that is in your hand by using "/salvage" or you can Salvage any salvageable items in your inventory using "/sa" (/sa Does not salvage any armor you are wearing).
You can apply unsalvageable enchant to any Armor / Tools using "/ce unsalvageable" so you don't accidentally destroy something you want to keep

Item Repair
You can repair items using "/repair"

Item Storage / Player Vault
You can store items in your Player Vault "/pv <number>" (Exmaple /pv 1). You start with 3 Player Vaults. You can unlock more if you buy Donator Ranks. You shouldn't need more than 2 if you are properly salvaging your extra items.

UNSALVAGEABLE Enchant prevents you from accidentally salvaging a item you wish to keep. You can apply UNSAVLAGEABLE to Tools / Weapons / Armor / Elytra using "/ce unsalvageable". If you wish to remove UNSALVAGEABLE enchant you can use "/rce unsalvageable" to remove Enchant

UNTRASHABLE Enchant prevents you from accidentally trashing a item you wish to keep. You can apply UNTRASHABLE to Tools / Weapons / Armor / Elytra using "/ce untrashable". If you wish to remove UNTRASHABLE enchant you can use "/rce untrashable" to remove Enchant

Pickaxe Enchanting
You can enchant Pickaxes using "/ce" There are 100's of Enchants all of which are unique to Dank Prison (Some Enchants might have same names as other Servers but everything is custom made by me and is not the same.) You can read enchant info by going to "/cehelp" while holding a pickaxe. (TIP: More Blocks Mined per swing = more chances for all items)
Enchants can become overwhelming it is recommended to follow Zach5579's Enchanting guide located at viewtopic.php?f=8&t=536

Enchant Refunding
When you get a new pickaxe you can remove your enchants from your old pickaxe using "/rce" while holding pickaxe with enchants. Keep in mind you cannot remove Efficiency, Fortune, Unbreaking, and RandomMoney Enchants or Artifacts

Rank System
Dank Prison has infinite ranks. First Tier ranks are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Free. After you reach Free rank you can "/prestige" to Prestige. Prestiging does not reset anything. It unlocks new features like being able to create Gangs.
Once you Prestige 100 Times to "P100 Free" Rank you can "/master"
Once you Master 100 Times to "M100 P100 Free" Rank you can "/champion"
Once you Champion 100 Times to "C100 M100 P100 Free" Rank you can "/knight"
You can view your current rank In-game using "/rank" command

Gangs can provide massive perks to everyone in the Gang once unlocked (/g perks) (/g stats). You will want to either join a gang for perks or you can create your own gang when you reach Prestige 1 rank using "/g create <name>". Being in a gang is essential for success. After 30 days of no login you will be automatically removed from your Gang. If you are Gang Leader then leadership will pass to someone else, if there is no one to pass leadership to then Gang will be Disabanded.

Achievements and Talents
You can unlock talents points by completing Achievements in "/ach". You can spend Talent Points in "/talents" Talents can provide unique perks that you can only get by spending talents points to unlock them.

You can obtain pets by opening Lucky Pet Blocks. LPB's can be found from Mining, Fishing, AutoMining, OverDrive, Vote Rewards "/vr", Daily Bonuses "/db", and Slots. Pet types and bonuses can be viewed in "/pets"

AutoMining / Auto-Miner / AM
Autominer time can be obtained from Slots, Plinko and Wof, or from Fishing and Mining if you have a Auto-Miner Pet. AutoMiner is an automated mine that runs while you afk to do IRL things. You can receive all rewards just like you would through mining but automated. You do NOT get AFK Kicked while being AFK using AutoMiner.

OverDrive / Over-Drive / OD
OverDrive time can be obtained from Mining or Fishing. OverDrive is a more powerful Auto-Miner where all rewards have base % increased by 2x increasing rewards.

Daily Bonus / DB
Every consecutive day you login to Dank Prison you will receive a reward from the Daily Bonus Menu "/db". The rewards get progressively better the more consecutive days you get in a row. Once you reach 26 consecutive days in a row you will receive top prize from DB and it will reset back to Day 0.

Fishing is aimed towards End Game Content. However if you wish to earn some early achievement points you can obtain a fishing rod with "/fr". Fishing Requires atleast P1+ rank to be able to catch fish. You can enchant fishing rods using "/ce".

Gems are use for enchanting PvP Enchants. You can buy PvP enchants while holding sword and doing "/ce". You can obtain gems from mining or fishing.

Emblems are use for enchanting PvP Enchants. You can buy PvP enchants while holding sword and doing "/ce". You get emblems by killing another player in PvP combat.

Artifacts Provide additional bonuses that can only be achieved by having Artifacts. Artifacts can be obtains from Mining, Auto-Miner, and Fishing. There are 4 different types of Artifacts Sell, Token, LuckyBlock, and LuckyBlock+. Artifacts cap out at 15% for people who are under C1 and not in HardCore mode.

Voting is a great way to help the server and in return you can get great prizes. You can vote for server using "/vote" and you can view Vote Rewards at "/vr"

About Dank420Girl
Dank420Girl who is almost 30 Years old is the Owner and Creator of Dank Prison. Dank420Girl has been coding things for over 15 years. Dank Prison was released on Jan 1st 2018. Dank Prison was created after receiving lots of support from people on my previous server HazyCraft who said I should make a Prison server because they think I could make a good one. I gave the people what they wanted even if they didn't know that's what they wanted.

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