Dank Prison - Master Help Guide

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Dank Prison - Master Help Guide

Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:16 pm

Dank Prison has a vast amount of commands and things that the average person has not learned yet. This guide is aimed towards teaching you all the cool commands Dank Prison has to offer.
Over half the features in Dank Prison have come from player suggestions. If you have any idea's please feel free to leave a forum link viewforum.php?f=11

Need to Know for Getting Started on Dank Prison
/warps - Click Wheel of Fortune and Plinko. All new players receive 3 free chances for each Plinko and WoF for epic loot.
/jort - Displays Link for Jort87's Enchanting Guide
/ce - Opens the Custom Enchants Menu
/rankup - Ranks up a single time to the next rank

Price List
/pricelist - Link for Prestige Price List
/mlist - Link for Master Price List

Pets List
/pets - Link for Pets List
/pu - Pet upgrade menu for pets that are upgradeable
/pu salvage - Salvage pet for upgrade stone

Commonly missed Features
Right Click with Pickaxe in Hand - Shortcut for opening the Custom Enchants Menu
Shift + Right Click with TokenCrate to open stack of token crates in your hand.
Shift + Right Click - Quickly sell's all item's in your inventory without typing /sell
Crate Upgrading - Press E in Game and put 2x2 of same crate into crafting to make upgraded crates.

Help Guides
/jort - Displays Link for Jort87's Enchanting Guide
/pricelist - Displays Link for Void_Walker12's Prestige Price Guide
/einfo - Displays link for Enchant Help Guide
/cinfo - Displays link for Crate Guide

Beginner Command Overview
/rules - Displays Dank Prisons Server Rules
/warps - Opens the Mine Warps Menu
/sell - Sells all the Blocks and ores in your inventory
/ranks - Displays All Rank Prices for your current Prestige.
/rankup - Ranks up a single time to the next rank
/prestige - Prestiges to next rank
/mr - Ranks you up until you no longer have enough money
/stoprank - Stops /mr in case you need to stop it
/ce - Opens the Custom Enchants Menu
/rce - Opens the Custom Enchants Refund Menu
/bal - Shows your current Bank balance
/withdraw <amount> - Withdraws amount from your bank balance
/t - Shows your current Token balance
/t withdraw <amount> - Withdraws amount from your tokens balance
/spawn - Teleports you to the Prison Spawn
/crates - Teleports you to the Crates area
/kw - Opens Key Rewards Menu
/cw - Opens Crate Rewards Menu
/pv - Opens your Player Vaults
/rm - Reset's the mine you're currently in
/dragon - Displays Remaining time in Dragon's Lair
/booster - Displays Remaining Dragon's Lair Booster Time
/salvage - Turn items into Tokens with Salvage by holding item hand typing /salvage
/salvageall <type> - Salvages all specified items for tokens. I.E. /salvageall common
/sa - Salvages all Salvageable items in your inventory.
/vote - Opens the Voting Menu
/vr - Opens the Vote Rewards Menu
/vp - Shows remaining Votes needed until a Vote Party triggers
/dp - Shows remaining Donations needed until a Donation Party triggers
/trash - Open's a trash can you can dump items into
/stuck - If you are stuck in a glitched block use /stuck to become unstuck
/dailybonus - Opens the Daily Bonus Menu where you view consecutive day login bonuses
/shop - Shop with Free Food / Building Blocks / Elytra / Misc Items
/stats - Displays the Stats Menu
/ach - Displays Achievement Category Menu
/talents - Opens the Talents Menu where you can spend achievement points.
/home <number> - Teleports you to your plot home
/tpa <name> - Requests to teleport to specified player
/tpahere <name> - Requests a player to teleport to you
/tpaccept - Accepts a pending teleport request
/music - Opens the Custom Note Block Song Menu
/realname - Shows Real Name of all player's Online.
/am - Displays how much Auto-Miner time you have remaining
/plinko - Displays how many Plinko attempts you have remaining
/wof - Displays how many Wheel of Fortune attempts you have remaining
/buy - Opens the Donation ranks menu

After Prestige 1 Commands
/pvp - Teleports you to PvP world if you are Prestige 1+
/timer - Displays how longed you are combat tagged for
/master - Master to next rank
/trade <player> - Sends a Trade request to specific player
/convoy - Displays if Convoy has been dropped or not and the coordinates to it - Requires PvP Access

Non Essentials Commands
/worth - See the Token Worth of your Fishing Rod or Pickaxe
/globalbooster - Displays active Global Crate Boosters if any are active
/fish <player> - View specified player's fishing stats
/namecolor - Allows you to change color of your name for 15k Tokens.
/cr - Opens the CryptoCurrency Menu where you can Buy / Sell CryptoCurrincies
/tags - Opens the Prefix Chat Tag Menu

Donator Commands /buy
/glow - Makes your character glow
/nick <nickname> - Submits a nickname request
/settag <tag> - Submits a tag request. Tags must include [ ] brackets
/fly - Allows you to fly in all worlds except PvP without a Pickaxe
/glowcolor - Opens Glow Color menu to set glow color to any color
/crateopener - Turns Off or On Crate Opener which will automatically open crates as you mine.
/autorank - Turns Off or On AutoRank which will automatically rank you up when you have enough money.
/checkmyboosters - Displays how many Global Crate Boosters you have and how to use them if you do.
/startcrates - Starts 2x Crate Global Booster if you have any.
/startchance - Starts 2x Crate Chance Global Booster if you have any.

Misc Commands
/ip - Shows IP for Dank Prison
/discord - Displays Discord Link for DankPrison
/website - Shows Website Link for Dank Prison
/forum - Shows Forum Link for Dank Prison
/store - Shows Store Link for Dank Prison
/apply - Shows Staff Apply Link for Dank Prison
/ping <player> - Shows you ping of specified player
/starter - Gives you Starter Kit in-case you need one 24 Hour Cooldown

Gangs Commands
/g - Opens your Gang Menu
/g create <gang> - Creates a Gang if you are P50+ and are not in a gang.
/gchat - Allows you to talk into Gang Chat
/g o - Opens your Gang Outpost Menu
/g perks - Opens your Gang Perks Menu
/g stats <gang> - View stats of specified gang
/g members <gang> - View members in specified gang

Settings Commands
/s - Opens Settings Menu
/sounds - Turns Off or On Explosive and Lightning Mining Sounds
/particles - Turns Off or On Particles
/people - Turns Off or On Seeing other People
/pitch - Turns Off or On Mining Pitch
/togglekey - Turns Off or On Key Messages
/rct - Turns Off or On Right Clicking to open enchant menu
/prestigestop - Turns Off or On Prestige Rank ups with /mr

Master Commands
/mce - Opens the Custom Master Enchants Menu
/style - Changes Magnitudes Mining style from 3x3 to 5x5
/dankbot - Ability to toggle DankBot On / Off
/escalation - Fixes Sell Multiplier Cap to correct Max if it got changed.
/upsurge - Fixes Token Multiplier Cap to correct Max if it got changed.

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