Kizudarake - Ban Appeal

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Kizudarake - Ban Appeal

Wed Feb 05, 2020 2:25 am

okay, I guess we are doing this...

Your IGN: Kizudarake
Reason you have been banned: Hacked Client - 5th offense, Toxicity, Disrespect
Length of your ban: N/A
What rule you broke: Rules #1, #12, #13.2, #14.3
Why do you think you should be unbanned:
Lets start with this: Hello, i am Sorry.
Through the Last Days, Weeks and Months I have been re-engaging with certain Parts of the Community I´d love to be a part of again.
Even those Parts that were so Happy in the first weeks of my absence. (the Good o´l Prince and Kath PvP-Tango)
We set aside our Differences in private and get along better than before.

But let´s be honest, there is probably not a high chance that this even gets read. Since my Name carries such Hatred within certain Parts of this Community.
None the less: If there is a World in which there is a chance that I get to talk directly to the entire Staff-Team about my Ban, I would appreciate it.
Spoken Words meant always more to me than Text. They still do, therefor I would like to apologize to you all in Person.

I am available to make an appointment within my Workshedule if it even comes to that.
but Hey!
"Can´t blame someone for Asking"
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Re: Kizudarake - Ban Appeal

Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:14 pm

Edit: Removed a Name in the Beginning due to the Person seemingly not wanting it there.
It was there to begin with simply because this Person talked me into appealing.

Have a nice Day/Week,

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