CaliberTheBoss - Ban Appeal

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CaliberTheBoss - Ban Appeal

Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:43 am

1. In-game name: CaliberTheBoss

2. Discord Name: Highcaliberss#3992

3. What Rule You Broke: #13.2

4. Appealing for Server or Discord: Server

5. Reason You Have Been Punished: Perm Banned for "Not here to play, player disrespect"

6. Length Of Your Punishment: Permanent

7. Why Should You Be unbanned/unmuted: I never meant to disrespect anyone and now looking back 8 months after I was banned I can see how some could have seen it as offensive, I would really love to come back to this game as I've spent money and dank prison is my favourite prison server.
8. Have you read all the Extended Rules and understand them?: Yes, I have read all the rules and looking back I can see what I was doing was immature and violated server rules. This won't happen ever again I will respect all the server rules and not cause any problems.

Kind Regards CaliberTheBoss

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