ClosedOnSundays' Staff Application

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ClosedOnSundays' Staff Application

Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:47 pm

Your IGN: ClosedOnSundays
Your current age: 19

Discord username (Include numbers): Juanidissmo Magnifico#5396

Location and Timezone: United States EST

Do you meet the requirements: Yes
Your current playtime on the server: 24d 21h

Have you ever been warned/banned: No

If so, for what reason: N/A

Why do you want this position: Because I love the server and I’d like to help make it a better place. I am on the server a lot and I will be on a lot more in the coming months, so I feel it would be a fun new venture for me and I could help the server out at the same time.

What are your strengths: my strengths are that I can type fast and I can remember the rules easily if I commit myself to it. Although I am a college student, I'm not the party type so I have a lot of free time on my hands where I can play the serve and help to enforce the rules.

What are your weaknesses: I don’t really have a lot of weaknesses as far as being a chat helper would go. Sometimes I may have an important paper due for school and my playtime will be limited for one night, but it will then be followed by lots of activity as soon as I’m finished. I have a girlfriend who I spend a lot of time with and sometimes on the weekend, I won’t be able to play too much because that's when I come home and am able to spend time with her, but other than these two things I will be playing a lot and think I would make a great addition to the staff team.
If accepted as a ChatHelper, you will follow all rules that have been established for all server staff. As a ChatHelper, you will be expected show activity on the server. We expect you to fulfill your duty in helping and informing our players in any server related issues or concerns. In due time, if improvement and dedication is seen on your behalf, a promotion might be in order for your rank-up on the server. If you are found abusing, hacking or have a certain amount of strikes on your record, you will be demoted from ChatHelper. Depending on severity of abuse it can result in a Temp or Permanent Ban. Do you agree?: Yes I do.

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