Caanary's ChatHelper Application

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Caanary's ChatHelper Application

Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:28 pm

Your IGN: Caanary
Your current age: 18
Discord username (Include numbers): Canary#6169
Location and Timezone: Australia, Melbourne; UTC+10
Do you meet the requirements: Yes
Your current playtime on the server: In total more than 80days minimum (5 resets)
Have you ever been warned/banned: No
If so, for what reason: N/A

I would quickly like to mention that I am sorry for my past mistake and how childish I was towards both that player and the staff team as a whole. I dont know how many times ive said it but really that wont make up for it, and I dont think ill be forgiven. I hope we can move forward and not hold people to their pasts as everyone makes mistakes. But I would like another chance and the way to show im commited is with this form.

Why do you want this position: When I was previously staff I enjoyed the position in every manner I found. I met new players in the staff team and in the game, and became friends with many. I even found myself having more fun than just mindlessly grinding all day, and the main reason for this was helping others out is, to me, very rewarding mentally. It helps chill me out after work, and do what I enjoy at the same time, and while all of this is happening the new players or even experienced players get the help they need as soon as possible. Another reason I would like this position is as im sure ive bugged people enough already, within my timezone there is no staff online until usually after 10-11pm. This timezone I am available is 2pm-12pm and nearly all of it has been empty for a number of weeks. It doesn't affect us player ranks helping the newbies out, but a lot of them ask for staff and instead ignore our answers thinking theyre wrong. I would also like this position as I have given back to the community quite a number of times now, but I would prefer to be on the giving side of the coin, than the even side. Meaning I want to give more than I receive from the community and really help out as much as I can.

What are your strengths: I am commited, I can set myself and focus on whatever it may be just like helping people. I have full time work, 5 days a week 40hours total, as well as my girlfriend of 1 year. I know those aren't important for the application however it's an example of how commited I am compared to early last year and how much I have changed over time. My others strengths include great english skills, I am a very active player, and my communication skills are very exceptional too. Over the years I have learned how to decipher what non english 1st language speakers are typing and reply with the answer they need. I am extremely efficient always replying as soon as I possibly can while keeping up with everything happening in the chat and discord. As a player back from the start of 2019, and an ex-staff on multiple servers including here, I have a lot of experience in the staff area. I have learnt many ways of dealing with rule breakers in the more subtle ways, ranging from always giving a warning in chat before any are given, of course depending on the seriousness of the issue. This past experience and my work has also made me very open minded to new ideas and ways I could behave towards everyone, for example not talking about certain things while in general chat because it could hurt someone. This comes on to my last strength, I am a very caring person. As an example I made promises last year to rank people up and I followed through once I came back from my half year leave/quit. I had also ranked up and bought people pets completely at random if I saw that player as caring and calm. (I dont want to relate my money to this form more so just that as I said, being commited and caring are some of my strong suits.) Being caring does mean a lot, especially towards younger players or people who struggle. being nice to all players gives the community that positive aspect we all love and generally just makes the chat more active/fun to be around.

What are your weaknesses: My main weakness was definitely from last year, when I did something I shouldnt have and as such caused massive drama. Another one of my weaknesses is I enjoy messing about in pvp and sometimes that causes other players to be toxic towards me. There is also the possibility some players have grudges against me because of that, and I hope to change that for the better. A time based weakness is with full time work and my girlfriend, sometimes I wont be able to help out during afternoons or weekends as I will be busy. Because of my timezone voice calls with players or staff are hard, because I will most likely either be working/asleep.
If accepted as a ChatHelper, you will follow all rules that have been established for all server staff. As a ChatHelper, you will be expected show activity on the server. We expect you to fulfill your duty in helping and informing our players in any server related issues or concerns. In due time, if improvement and dedication is seen on your behalf, a promotion might be in order for your rank-up on the server. If you are found abusing, hacking or have a certain amount of strikes on your record, you will be demoted from ChatHelper. Depending on severity of abuse it can result in a Temp or Permanent Ban. Do you agree?: Yes
If you need help with anything feel free to msg me in game or in Discord! Canary#6169

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