Svnday's Staff Application the 3rd

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Svnday's Staff Application the 3rd

Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:55 pm

Your IGN: Svndays
Your current age: 20
Discord username (Include numbers): Svndays#5396
Location and Timezone: United States EST
Do you meet the requirements: Yes
Your current playtime on the server: 115d
Have you ever been warned/banned: No
If so, for what reason: N/A
Why do you want this position: I would like to regain my place on the staff team because I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed helping the server I loved so much. I've found my passion for Dank Prison once again and want to do everything I can to help the server. I feel I was a good Helper during my few short months of staff on Dank Prison, and the reason I was demoted was simply after telling Dank I would be inactive and that she could demote me if she saw fit. Because of this, I feel I was regarded as good at what I was doing, and my demotion was only self-inflicted. I often see myself on during a time without a staff member online. Of course, this is generic with most staff applications, but it is nonetheless true. I've been playing quite a bit and I think it would be beneficial to have me back on the staff team. I will not pull an Elliott.
What are your strengths: Fast typer, quick thinker, and lots of time. Although I balance a lot of important things in my life I still find ample time for the server I fell in love with over a year ago. As other staff have seen I can be very dedicated to keeping the server clean and rid of cheaters or rule breakers. I've always tried to be fair. This goes more in-depth in my past applications.
What are your weaknesses: As of right now regardless of how cocky it sounds, I feel I don't have any weaknesses that would apply to being a staff member on Dank Prison. I'm not involved in any of the drama going on and feel like I would be a good third party to solve problems.

If accepted as a ChatHelper, you will follow all rules that have been established for all server staff. As a ChatHelper, you will be expected show activity on the server. We expect you to fulfill your duty in helping and informing our players in any server related issues or concerns. In due time, if improvement and dedication is seen on your behalf, a promotion might be in order for your rank-up on the server. If you are found abusing, hacking or have a certain amount of strikes on your record, you will be demoted from ChatHelper. Depending on severity of abuse it can result in a Temp or Permanent Ban. Do you agree?: Yes

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