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Apply for Staff Format *Read Me*

Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:01 pm

ChatHelper Application Information

If you are applying for ChatHelper you MUST meet all the requirements, be active, and a enjoyable player in the community.

ChatHelper Requirements:
  • 10 days playtime
  • 16+ years old

Application Template:

Your IGN:
Your current age:
Discord username (Include numbers):
Location and Timezone:
Do you meet the requirements:
Your current playtime on the server:
Have you ever been warned/banned:
If so, for what reason:
Why do you want this position:
What are your strengths:
What are your weaknesses:
If accepted as a ChatHelper, you will follow all rules that have been established for all server staff. As a ChatHelper, you will be expected show activity on the server. We expect you to fulfill your duty in helping and informing our players in any server related issues or concerns. In due time, if improvement and dedication is seen on your behalf, a promotion might be in order for your rank-up on the server. If you are found abusing, hacking or have a certain amount of strikes on your record, you will be demoted from ChatHelper. Depending on severity of abuse it can result in a Temp or Permanent Ban. Do you agree?:

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