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Freqing's ChatHelper Application

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:05 am
by Freqing
Your IGN: Freqing
Your current age: 16
Discord username (Include numbers): Freqing#4543
Location and Timezone: Washington, USA PST (GMT-8)
Do you meet the requirements: yes
Your current playtime on the server: 102 days
Have you ever been warned/banned: Yes
If so, for what reason:

I have been warned once for saying “stfu” at a player. We were joking around in server chat, and I guess our banter was misinterpreted as toxicity. However, it is in the rules that swearing at another player is not allowed, so my actions were still wrong regardless of context.
I was also banned as a joke right before I hit 2 million fish, so even though it’s on my ban page, it’s not a “real” punishment.

Why do you want this position:

I want this position because of my true love for the server and my want for it to improve. Ever since I made my first minecraft account, prison servers had a strange allure to me. I just loved the grind, the community, and the features. Yet every time I joined a new prisons server it just seemed the same as the last, same enchants, same leveling system, and same meta. That is, until I found dank. From the first day I joined to the day I am writing this app, I have been blown away with the sheer uniqueness and complexity of the server. The meta is different, the leveling system is a breath of fresh air, and there are so many unique enchants that all help and all contribute in some way to your progression. Truly this server is one of a kind, and I feel extraordinarily lucky for finding this server.

Through more than a year of grinding and talking in chat, I have garnered two main reasons which motivated me to apply. First of which is the game knowledge that I have gained from playing the server. While I would not say that I know everything there is to dank, I have more than enough knowledge and game sense to help newer players, and I do so on a regular basis. While I fish, I like to talk in chat, which allows me to answer their questions and give clear and concise answers. I love helping players out, and my secondary love of fishing makes it much easier to talk in chat without losing too much efficiency. My ability to chat freely while grinding ties in nicely with the second reason, the community. I love being a part of the dank community, and I have met so many diverse people on the server as a result of being so active. I love the close knit atmosphere a small server gives, and I have made so many friends as a result of playing this server that it’s hard to imagine where I would be without dank. It’s also the sense of community that drives me to help newer players, as I realize that if I can give enough good help to someone in understanding the server, there is the possibility that they will appreciate the server more and stick around, thus expanding the potential people to meet and interact with.

I have been truly blessed to be part of Dank Prisons, and I feel like it’s my duty to help players understand how amazing and unique this server is. Even though I am currently doing my best to answer as many questions as possible and overall be a benefit to the community, being a staff member on the server will help me in my pursuit to help newer players and bolster the community for which I owe so much to.

What are your strengths:

One of my strengths is my ability to get along with lots of people. I love to say “wb” when friends join, “gg” when someone gets lucky, and “gn” when someone sleeps. I love to ask how people’s days are going, and talk about subjects we are both interested in. I love to meet new people, learn of their background, their culture, their language. I have always been curious and sociable, so I think it’s natural for me to have so many connections within the server. My ability to make connections will be useful as I found the best way to communicate information to anyone is to approach them in a friendly manner and gain a sense of trust between each other.

Another strength I would say I have is perseverance. I am up for long monotonous grinds like fishing, and I would say that my ability to stick to a goal and complete it is one of my greatest gifts, as I can stay committed to tasks that other people might back away from. I would say my drive for completion comes from my love of competition. I love racing people and getting on leaderboards, and I can set personal goals for myself to give it my all.

Finally, I think my last strength would be my prior staffing experience. While I do have to admit that it has been a long time since I was last staff on a server (and thus need some refreshing still), I have been staff on multiple servers large and small, so I have a general grasp on how a staff member should act in the team and to the player base. Furthermore, I have once again a general idea as to the commands used to regulate and improve the experience of players, Once again, I would like to emphasize that I haven’t been staff in over a year and will also need to learn how Dank staff members do their jobs, but I still have a general grasp as to the commands and how to best interact with troublemakers, so I would still consider this to be a strength.

What are your weaknesses:

I tend to procrastinate a lot when working on a deadline, whether it be for school, personal fun, or on the server. For instance, I was meant to release a fishing guide almost a month ago, yet I still have not gotten around to finishing it due to a lack of motivation. In general, this is a problem that has plagued my life for many years now, and I do my best to mitigate the issue, with some success. Still, it has to be one of my biggest weaknesses. Furthermore, I get agitated somewhat easily, especially during pvp and gang fights, which sometimes leads me to vent in the server chat. My competitive nature, while I did sort of classify as a Strength above, is more of a double edge sword, as even though I think my drive for competition helped me learn so much about the server and interact better with the community, it leads to me getting very mad over pvp, as I always have a drive for winning and it is frustrating when I can’t. It’s always in the moment, and I regret it soon after, but I release it sends a very bad impression of me to the server, and is an unhealthy thing to do on my part. I’ve tried to reduce this issue by engaging less in pvp and not reacting to inflammatory messages in chat, but I still slip up (though less often these days). Finally, I would say that I can sometimes take the joke too far, inadvertently becoming offensive or weirding people out. While my style of humor always relied a lot on self deprecation and oxymoronic phrases, more recently I have been taking it too far on too many occasions. In an attempt to be original, I end up making more people uncomfortable, which is once again a major shortcoming of mine.

If accepted as a ChatHelper, you will follow all rules that have been established for all server staff. As a ChatHelper, you will be expected to show activity on the server. We expect you to fulfill your duty in helping and informing our players in any server related issues or concerns. In due time, if improvement and dedication is seen on your behalf, a promotion might be in order for your rank-up on the server. If you are found abusing, hacking or have a certain amount of strikes on your record, you will be demoted from ChatHelper. Depending on severity of abuse it can result in a Temp or Permanent Ban. Do you agree?: Yes! Thank you for reading my application!