Better than drugs.

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Better than drugs.

Thu Jul 23, 2020 5:49 pm

Just joined Dank Prison and holy hell I fell in love almost immediately. custom plugins, custom modding, custom enchants, custom events, everything handcrafted and just feels authentic and made with love. Nothing was half assed or rushed (atleast that I've noticed), and everything just works. Sure there are some features that are being tweaked or not finished being developed but I'm not expecting major 1000+ player hub-esque dev teams to be working on it. For how small this server is, its extremely impressive and absolutely breathtaking.

I'm happy to join the community, especially seeing as how theres two different communities being catered to. PvP is huge for me as I'm always looking for a competitive environment. But it's fantastic having a PvP skill-oriented community tightly knit with a custom, layed back prison community where you can just grind and talk in chat. Both aren't exclusive and they really play off each other very well. You can do all the content in one dimension of the server without ever touching PvP and still have an advantage. Really makes everything flow allot easier.

Freedom of expression is nice aswell, too many servers nowadays that shy away from giving their community any sense of self-expression out of fear that they'd abuse it or be toxic/harrassing etc. What these servers dont understand is self-expression is one of the sole reasons people come back. It defines their purpose for playing. Why would I go play on hypixel or mineplex where I'm just another number among thousands of other people, lost in the crowd when I can instead come here and really show off who I am as much as I want within the rules.

tl;dr the power dynamic of having both communities work together without interfering with each other, the abundance of content and extreme replayability hooked me harder than a coke addict after a week of cold turkey. For sure sticking around, and cant wait to see whats in store for the future :)

Keep up the good work! Thank you for what you've done, this really is a masterpiece.

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