Hello! I'm Kitty~<3

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Hello! I'm Kitty~<3

Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:01 am

Hello you wonderful people of Dank Prison!
I just want to start by thanking the people who have made Dank Prison and the people who work every day on keeping it from well, falling apart, I also want to thank the community for being nice!

About me~
IGN: Kat_The_Neko
My name is: Kai
Names i prefer to be called or can be called: Kat, Kai, or Kitty
Age: 20
Birthday, 10/11
Important things to know about me:
I say sorry, Far too much and honestly its a habit I just cant break. When I mess up or think I mess up ill usually say sorry repeatedly to you or just keep to myself for a few days. I also have many problems with mental health and physical health but Hey, i manage!

Thank you for reading and I apologize if its not very interesting to know this stuff about me but I honestly couldn't think of anything else to add... So well, Thank you for having me and I hope you all have a wonderful day! thank you for your time <3
Introducing me! The Ban appeal!
Discord Name Kitty#0106

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