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Zach5579's Guide For Beginners/All in one guide

Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:44 pm

This is a living document, I will update as often as I can
So you decided to join Dank Prison. Maybe you though it was cool or maybe.... Dank? Anyhow, congrats! This is one of the best prison servers available. There are many features, and it can all be very confusing. Hopefully, this guide will make a lot of things easier to understand.
Disclaimer: A lot of this is opinionated, so feel free to do things in whatever order you want to.

Starting off
The very first thing you will have to do when you log in is take the rules quiz. I'm assuming that you have already done that, as the only way to access forums is through chat. This quiz serves a couple purposes
1. Prevents bots. You can't chat in the server until you have completed the quiz
2. Makes sure everyone knows the rules

When you have completed the quiz, make sure you look at the extended server rules. You can find those here:
viewtopic.php?f=8&t=483https://dankpris ... ?f=8&t=483

Congrats! You can now talk and socialize with people on the server, as well as actually execute commands. Now what do you do?

Custom games
Dank Prison has 3 custom games. They are slots, plinko, and Wheel of fortune. You start off with 3 plays for each of these. You will want to use these ASAP, as they have a chance to give you some pretty decent starting out gear. You can find them in the warp menu with /w, or you can warp directly to them.

Your first pick
You should start off with full common gear. Most of this is useless, so you can salvage it all (except the pick) with /sa. This will get you tokens. What are tokens, you might ask? Tokens are the currency used for enchanting. They are one of the most valuable currencies on the server.

Before you begin mining, get laser and autosell enchants. To enchant a pick, right click while holding it, or type /ce while holding it.

You now can begin mining. You will notice that your inventory will fill up rather quickly. This is normal. You will get a lot of crates. Most of these are useless, and just take up space atm. However, you can upgrade them to the next tier by combining 4 of them in the 2x2 crafting area. Once you have, lets say, a pure or ultra pure crate, open it. This will most likely give you a pick. You can use this pick to begin working towards the bigger crates. At this point, follow my enchant guide. You can find it here:



If you are in game, you can find the link with /zach

Ranking up
Dank prison has nearly infinite ranks! For example, we have regular rankups, from A-Free. We also have prestiges, p1-p100. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE. We have masters, m1-m100. Lastly, we have champion ranks, c1-c100. What are masters and champions, you might ask?
Masters are the ranks after p100. Once you reach p100, you can prestige 1 more time and become m1, or master 1. This will open up many more possibilities within the game. How do you get to master 2? Well, you have to prestige 100 more times of course! You can see how this can stack up very quickly. m1 = p101, m2 = p202, etc. This means that for champion 1, you have to prestige over 10,000 times!

You can rankup with /rankup, but that's boring!
Use /mr to rankup to your max possible rank based on how much money you have

Want to know how much a certain rank costs?
Use /rc
This will tell you how much it costs from rank to rank. For example, you can do /rc p1 p2 to see how much it costs to rankup from p1 a to p2 a.
NOTE: You can only do prestige to prestige or master to master. Once you get to m1, it is only accurate for master to master, as prestiges cost more with each master.

We have all the regular mines, a-free. In addition, we have prestige mines! We have mines for players that are at least:
Prestige 1
Prestige 5
Prestige 10
Prestige 25
Prestige 50
Prestige 75
We also have master mines, for those who have reached a certain master rank:
Master 1
Master 5
Master 10
Master 15
Master 25
Master 50
As of right now, there are no champion mines, as there are only a few players that have even reached champion 1!

Additional Mines
We also have donor mines. These can only be access with donor ranks. Don't worry, this isn’t p2w. Donors get a couple perks, but donors don't have any kits. They have to work towards everything just like normal players

Dragon Lair
We have a very special mine called the dragon lair. This is a mine that is time limited. You must have lair time in order to mine here. It is one of the most profitable mines in the server.
There is also booster time. Booster time gives you 50% more money when you are in the dragon lair, as long as you have booster time and lair time.

If you ever need to see what the sell prices are at the mines, you can find the list at spawn.

Dank prison has custom fishing as well! You still fish like in vanilla mc, but the loot is very different. You can get keys, crates, even a pet if you are lucky!

Fishing is a mid-late game mechanic. You need a lot of tokens (62.875M to be exact) to max out a fishing rod. It's not even worth fishing if you don't have a maxed rod.

Once you have begun fishing, there is a fishing rod enchant guide at the bottom of my pickaxe guide as well.

We have a custom autominer as well. To activate it is very simple. Just choose one of the 3 autominer rooms, hold you pick in your hand, and click the button. You can now be completely afk, while still progressing!
You must have autominer time to be able to use autominer. You can get time from voting, wof, plinko, slots, vote party crates, or from /buy
Autominer is not meant to be fast, you will not get nearly as much in autominer as you do by hand

Voting is very useful on dank prison. You get vote keys and autominer time. You also get vote points, which are very useful. Access the vote points shop with /vr. Here, you can buy lucky pet blocks (will give a random pet) or an artifact. Never get anything else, it is not worth it.

Artifacts are permanent upgrades you can add to your main pick. Make sure that you are only applying to your main pick, as they cannot be removed as of right now. You can get artifacts from mining, from /vr, or from /db (daily bonus). You can also buy them from David the archeologist, but in order to do that, you have to get artifact powder. Artifact powder can only be received by crushing artifacts. You crush an artifact by putting it into the 2x2 crafting area. This will give you a single artifact powder.
Current artifacts:
Sell artifact: 1% more money while holding the pick. Maximum of 15%, 100% at c1 or hardcore
Token artifact: 1% more tokens while holding the pick. Maximum of 15%, 100% at c1 or hardcore
Lucky block artifact: 1% more lucky blocks while holding the pick. Maximum of 15%, 100% at c1 or hardcore
Lucky block + artifact: 1% more lucky blocks while holding the pick. Maximum of 15%, 100% at c1 or hardcore
Sell artifact (fishing): 2% more money from fishing. Maximum of 50%.

Talents are another unique feature for dank prison. There are many talents. You can earn talent points by completing achievements. To sell all of the achievements, type /ach. To access your talent tree, type /tal. I suggest starting from the right side, and then working on the left once you have maxed the right side.


Right side
Requirements: None
Token bonus: 1% increased tokens from mining. Max level: 5
Cooldown reduction: Reduces cool down of /rm by 3 seconds per level. Max level: 10
PvP damage bonus: 1% increased damage in pvp per level. Max level: 10

Requirements: 20 points on right side
Fishing bonus: Increased money from fishing. 1% increase per level. Max level: 10
Lucky Block + bonus: Increases chance to find lucky block + from mining. 1% increase per level. Max level: 5

Requirements: 35 points on right side
Key + finder bonus: 1% increased chance to find a key+ per level. Max level: 10
Money bonus: 1% increased money from mining per level. Max level: 5

Requirements: 55 points on right side
Plinko Finder: chance to find plinko from mining. Max level: 1 Cost: 5 points
Plinko doubler: doubles plinko found from mining. Max level: 1 Cost: 5 points
Extra key chance: 10% chance to find an key crate. Max level: 1 Cost: 5 points
Lucky fortune 1: rare chance to mine +5 fortune. Max level: 1 Cost 5 points

Left side
Requirements: None
Money bonus: Increases money from mining. 1% increase per level. Max level: 5
Lucky Block bonus: Increases chance to find lucky blocks from mining. 1% increase per level. Max level: 10
PvP Defense Bonus: 1% increased defense in pvp per level. Max level: 10

Requirements: 20 points on left side
Fishing bonus: Increased money from fishing. 1% increase per level. Max level: 10
Token increase: Increase amount of random tokens from mining. 20 tokens increase per level. Max level: 5

Requirements: 35 points on left side
Key finder bonus: 1% increased chance to find a key per level. Max level: 10
Token Bonus: 1% increased tokens from mining per level. Max level: 5

Requirements: 55 points on left side
WoF Finder: chance to find wof from mining. Max level: 1 Cost: 5 points
Wof doubler: doubles wof found from mining. Max level: 1 Cost: 5 points
Extra crate chance: 10% chance to find an extra crate. Max level: 1 Cost: 5 points
Lucky fortune 2: rare chance to mine +5 fortune. Max level: 1 Cost 5 points. Stacks with lucky fortune 1

Requirements: 115 talent points from both sides combined
Lucky Pet Block Finder: 1% increased chance per levelto find a lpb from mining. Max level: 15

Requirements: Both sides completed entirely
Artifact finder: 5% increased chance per level to find an artifact from all sources. Max level: 3

Gems are used for enchanting swords. You can get them from several different sources.
1. Mining anywhere
2. Fishing in the pvp world
3. From convoy shop. 1 sunflower = 3 gems

Sword enchants
Leech: 5% to steal life from opponent. Level 1 is 1 heart, 2 is 2 hearts, 3 is 3 hearts
Infect: 5% chance to apply poison for 5 seconds. Level 1 is poison 1, 2 is 2, 3 is 3
Inhibitor: Small chance to stop your opponent from regaining health for 2 seconds per level, max of 6 seconds
Entangle: Small chance to entangle your enemies, preventing them from moving for 1 second per level, max of 3 seconds
Grounded: Disables all forms of jump effects. Increase of 3 seconds per level, maximum of 15 seconds
Shadowstep: Teleports you to a spot up to 5 blocks away per level, maximum of 20 blocks. Press drop button to trigger
Divine Shield: When you press shift 3 times within 1 second, you will take no damage for 3 seconds
Slowness: Applies 1 second of slowness every time you hit an opponent
Fangs: 5% chance to activate fangs. This will summon a row of evoker fangs which will damage anything in their path, with a chance to knock them up into the air

Trading is only available once you have reached master 1. Until then, you are on your own, sorry. This is to make sure you know a decent amount about the server, as well as preventing boosting. For an in depth guide to trading, follow Enclaves guide.

When you are trading you must follow the price list. You can find it here: ... edit#gid=0

Lucky blocks
Lucky blocks are similar to crates, except much rarer. They are found by mining or fishing. You can get regular, or + variants of lucky blocks, just like keys. You can also combine 4 regular lucky blocks into 1 + variant. The percentage is randomized, but you can increase that percentage through talents, gang perks, gang stats, and artifacts. If you want the full list of items from lucky blocks, you can find them in /cw.

Convoys are a great way to get keys and crates, as well as sunflowers. You can only get sunflowers through convoys, which makes them very valuable.
Every 20 minutes, a broadcast message will announce that a convoy is coming down. It will give you the exact coordinates. After 2 minutes, the convoy will land, and anyone can grab it. Be careful, because if you become combat tagged, you will not be able to pick up the convoy. If the convoy has not been picked up within 5 minutes of landing, it will disappear.
Convoys are the only way to get sunflowers. A regular convoy will always give you 1 sunflower, and a convoy+ will give you 2. You can then right click these, or take them to Convoy Bob at spawn to trade in. You can trade in for these items:

3 gems: 1 flower
Sell artifact: 50 flowers
Token Artifact: 25 flowers
Lucky Block artifact: 25 flowers
Lucky Block+ artifact: 35 flowers

Showcase is a great way to show off your tools and armor to your friends. In your showcase you can have:
1 Pick
1 Sword
1 Bow
1 Helmet
1 Chest plate
1 Leggings
1 Boots
1 Fishing rod
Adding items to your showcase is easy. You just hold it in your hand and type /showcase add. Your showcase also shows what pets you have in your pet backpack, if it is available. To see someone else's showcase, simply type /showcase (name).

Linking items is another great way to show off stuff to the entire server. Simply hold the item and type /link. This will create a message in chat "Player has linked item". People can hover over this to see the item and lore.
Item-ing works the same way, except you can implement it into messages. For example, you could say "Look at this cool sword [item]" and it will post both the item and the message.

Plots are a great way to have fun building, or store items that you can't fit into your /pv 1. To get wood and other blocks, simply go to /shop. Everything is free!
Plots are free. If you can't find a plot, you can just fly and keep flying until you get to one. When you get there, you can do /p claim to claim it. Players receive 1 more plot every 10 prestige's, up to 12 plots available at m1.
You are not able to add anyone to your plot. This is to prevent boosting and sharing of items.

There are dozens of tags available to players. You unlock them by completing achievements. You can access tags with /tags. The categories are:
Mining tags
Play time tags
Fishing tags
Money tags
Misc tags
Event tags
Pet tags
Vote tags

I saw this really cool tag, but can't find it? Well then, it is a custom tag. Donors who are at least Ultra Dank rank get the ability to create custom tags for themselves. That is one of the donor perks.

You can join a gang at any point. However, you must be at least p50 to create a gang. Gangs do not cost anything to create. There are many different perks to joining a gang, and no downsides.
Perks do cost money to upgrade. You can deposit money into your gang bank with /g deposit. Once it has been deposited, no one can take it out, not even the leader, so deposit wisely.
Money booster. 3% more money per level
Token booster. 3% more tokens per level
Lucky Block booster. 3% higher chance to find per level
Lucky Block+ booster. 3% higher chance to find per level
Lucky Pet Block booster. 2% higher chance to find per level
Artifact booster. 2% higher chance to find per level
Autominer booster. 2% more money per level

Stats are ways to earn even more boosters. You get more stat perks by leveling up your gang with gang achievements.
Money bonus: Levels 1, 7, 13, 18, 24. Increase 1% per upgrade
Token Bonus: Levels 2, 8, 14, 19, 25. Increase 1% per upgrade
Lucky Block Bonus: Levels 3, 9, 15, 20. Increase 1% per upgrade
Dragon Lair Bonus: Levels 5, 11, 16, 21. Percentages are 3%, 5%, 8%, 12%
Keys: Gives a chance to receive more than 1 key at a time
Level 4: Double keys (2x)
Level 10: Triple keys (3x)
Level 17: Quadruple keys (4x)
Level 22: Quintuple keys (5x)
Level 30: Sextuple keys (6x)
Level 35: Septuple keys (7x)
Autominer: Levels 6, 12, 23. Percentages are 3%, 6%, 10%
Special Perks
Level 26: Increased chance to find lures
Level 27 and 32: 3% reduced rankup cost per upgrade
Level 28 and 33: 3% reduced prestige cost per upgrade
Level 29 and 34: 2x tokens from salvaging per upgrade
Level 31: Increased chance to find baits
Level 36: 10% increased chance for lucky blocks
Level 37: 10% increased chance for lucky blocks+
Level 38: 10% increased chance to find crates
Level 39: 10% increased chance to find lucky pet blocks
Level 40: 10% increased chance to find keys
Level 41: 10% increased chance to find artifacts

Coinflip is the one gambling feature we have on dank prison. To add a money bet, do /bet (amount). For a token bet, do /tbet (amount).
When you look in /cf, you will see all active bets, as well as seeing your net gain or loss for money and tokens. The maximum token bet is 500M tokens, that way you can't lose or win everything based on a single flip.

You can access the settings with /s. This will give you pretty much all of the options available in a single GUI. Here are some other useful commands that you might want:
/eff or /efficiency – Shows efficiency level
/unb or /unbreaking – Shows unbreaking level
/for or /fortune – Shows fortune level
/prestigious – Shows your prestigious bonus
/worth – Shows your pickaxe's worth
/worth <enchant> – Shows an enchant's worth on your pickaxe
/s prosper – Disables prosper messages
/s frenzy – Disables frenzy messages
/s rampage – Disables rampage messages
/s multitude – Disables multitude messages
/s plenitude – Disables plenitude messages
/s – Opens settings
/cu – Toggles CrateUpgrader
/ku – Toggles KeyUpgrader
/co – Toggles CrateOrganizer


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