Awakening Booster Calculation Tier System

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Awakening Booster Calculation Tier System

Sat Dec 26, 2020 4:59 am

Calculator needed
Max score is 84
+ points per % if positive
- points per % if negative

Tier 1 (worth 1 point per %) - token, ultra token, common, uncommon, rare, rare token, ultra rare, ultra rare token, legendary, legendary token, ultra legendary, ultra legendary token
vote/+, rankup/+, mine/+, ultra mine, prestige/+

Tier 2 (worth 2 points per %) - pure, pure token, ultra pure, ultra pure token, dank, dank token, ultra dank, ultra dank token
master, ultra mine+

Tier 3 (worth 3 points per %) - og, og token, ultra og, ultra og token
master+, champion

Tier 4 (worth 4 points per %) - master og, master og token, immortal, immortal token, the dankest, the dankest token
champion+, knight/+

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