Pet prioritization guide (Master)

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Pet prioritization guide (Master)

Sat Mar 06, 2021 7:48 am

Best pets:

Key pets
-Lucky Keys Pet
-Key Finder Pet
-Key Doubler Pet

You should always prioritize fishing once you get max rod (~60M tokens)
I strongly recommend mining only when there's a mining global event or dragon lair+ is refilled
These pets will help you considerably to get a lot more tokens

Crate pets
-Crate Finder Pet
-Crate Doubler Pet
-Crate Opener Pet (Might be a criteria to join a good gang)

These are most effective while mining
I suggest that you never open/upgrade MOG and MOGT since they are the main currency to trade pets
More crates = more pets to trade

Lucky block pets
-Lucky Block Pet
-Lucky Block+ Pet

General tip here is to always open lucky block
The games you get from them will help you get even more tokens

Currency pets
-Money Pet
-Token Pet

These pets mostly help while mining and are a great boost to your overall currency
Buy everything in /ah (lucky blocks, keys, crates, pets)

Secondary pets:

Vote pets
-Vote Points Pet
-Vote Rewards Pet

Try to get them early so you can buy lucky pet block in /vr faster
Don't forget to vote!

Mine reset pet
-Mine Reset pet

This is more of a quality of life but I enjoyed mining way more with this pet
If you don't have a donor rank, mine reset pet will help you keep momentum active
I like to mine line by line so the timer is just right and don't have to go into the mine
Else it is pretty much useless

Artifact pet
-Artifact Pet

Helps you have a better pickaxe

Autominer pets
-Lucky Auto-Miner Pet
-Lucky Overdrive Pet

Automining is a great way to build up currency while doing nothing
Try to use your auto-miner/overdrive while in the global event if you have a limited amount

Game pets
-Lucky WOF pet
-Lucky plinko pet
-Lucky slots pet

Games = Good
I usually hoard attempts until I'm at 100 except for slots

Fish pet
-Extra fish Pet

Helps you get fish caught achievement

Gem pet
-Gem Pet

You can buy outpost boost for 50 gems with your gang
You can also use them to enchant your sword if you like PvP

Rank up pets
-Rankup Pet
-Prestige Pet
-Master Pet

There's no rush to rank up since the auction house prices scale with rank (Best prices being at M4)
If you want to see the price brackets or the price of each item in /ah do /plist
If you want to rank up these will save you a lot of money

Bad pets:

-Sell Multi pet
-Token Multi pet
-Emblem pet
-Champion pet
-Glow pet

You still need them to get /pb so you should get them eventually

The guide doesn't cover champion rank because I'm not there yet and I don't want to spread misinformation. I based my guide on my personal experience as a no rank player in master. I also didn't specify pet stones and pet combine in my guide because it's only useful in champion rank. Beware that 90% of the time you should never sell your pets because you will need them later in your journey. This guide just gives a general idea of what order you should buy pets.

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