Dank Prison - Commands Help Guide v2

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Dank Prison - Commands Help Guide v2

Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:13 am

Dank Prison has a vast amount of commands and things that the average person has not learned yet. This guide is aimed towards teaching you all the cool commands Dank Prison has to offer.
Over half the features in Dank Prison have come from player suggestions. If you have any idea's please feel free to leave a forum link.

Basic Command Overview

/rules - Displays Dank Prisons Server Rules
/sell - Sells all the Blocks and ores in your inventory
/rankup - Ranks up a single time to the next rank
/maxrank - Ranks you up until you no longer have enough money
/warps - Opens the Server Warps Menu
/tpa - Requests to teleport to specified player
/tpahere <name> - Requests a player to teleport to you
/tpaccept - Accepts a pending teleport request
/ce - Opens the Custom Weapon Enchants Menu
/rce - Opens the Custom Weapon Enchants Refund Menu
/vote - Opens the Voting Menu
/bal - Shows your current balance
/withdraw <amount> - Withdraws amount from your bank
/t - Displays the amount of tokens you currently own
/stats - Displays the Stats Menu (Still Under Construction)
/kit - Opens the Kits Menu where you can view all the different kits
/music - Opens the Custom Note Block Song Menu
/spawn - Teleports you to the Prison Spawn
/crates - Teleports you to the Crates area
/pv - Opens your Player Vaults
/buy - Opens the Donation ranks menu

Hidden Commands

/discord - Displays Discord Link for DankPrison
/rm - Reset's the mine you're currently in : Does not reset pvp mine
/tags - Opens the Prefix Chat Tag Menu
/salvage - Turn items into Tokens with Salvage by holding item hand typing /salvage
/salvageall - Salvages all items for tokens. : Make sure to put unsalvageable on your main pickaxe!
/ce buy <enchant> <amount> - Bulk buy enchants via command
/sounds - Turns Off or On Explosive and Lightning Mining Sounds
/trash - Open's a trash can you can dump items into
/stuck - If you are stuck in a glitched block use /stuck to become unstuck
/st - Opens a mining settings menu
/trade <player> - Opens trade menu with desired player : M1 cant trade with P1

Hidden Features

Right Click with Pickaxe in Hand - Shortcut for opening the Custom Enchants Menu
Shift + Right Click with TokenCrate to open all of same type of token crate in your inventory.
Shift + Right Click - Quickly sell's all item's in your inventory without typing /sell
Crate, Key, and LuckyBlock Upgrading - Press E in Game and put 2x2 of same item listed into crafting to make upgraded item.

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