Zach5579's Enchant Guide

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Zach5579's Enchant Guide

Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:14 am

This is all my personal opinions. Feel free to enchant in any order. Credits to cookie and cenzura for the basics.
Credit to Enclave for formatting.
Credit to anyone who points out an error (Too many names to list)

Overall Guide

PickAxe Guide

DO NOT enchant fortune. You should also save any artifacts or momentum you get for an event pick

Do not enchant randommoney until c1! It costs 5b tokens to get to 100k, and any level below that is garbage

Everyone now has 100% rce, so feel free to go as far as you can on this guide. Once you get an event pick, you can unenchant your current pick and start at the beginning of the guide for the event pick
  1. Autosell:Automatically sells all ores mined.
    Max: 500 tokens
  2. Lazer: Shoot a beam that destroys blocks in a 3x3x(X) pattern
    Max: 600 tokens
  3. Drill: Adds another layer to lazer
    Max: 15,000 tokens
  4. LuckyMining: Chance to find 1, 2, 3 tokens while mining
    Max: 75,000 tokens
  5. Exp Exchanger Level 1: Exchanges Exp for tokens automatically. This is a very small bonus, so don't expect to see a big difference
    This Level: 25,000 tokens
  6. CrateUpgrader: Auto upgrades crates for you. Your starter pick starts with this, but you will need it on your permanent pick as well.
    Max: 50,000 tokens
  7. LuckyTokens: Chance to find tokens in 10, 20, or 30 increments based on level
    Max: 255,000 tokens
  8. LuckyCrate: Chance to find more crates while mining
    Max: 150,000 tokens
  9. Leveler: Automatically levels up unbreaking, efficiency, or fortune in 1 level increments
    Max: 100,000 tokens
  10. Pierce: Adds another block to lazer's depth. 1 per level, max of 3
    Max: 525,000 tokens
  11. Max ExpExchanger
    Max: 300,000 tokens
  12. ExpMultiplier: Doubles Exp from mining
    Max: 75,000 tokens
  13. Tokens per 10: Gives .1 tokens for every 10 blocks mined, in 1k increments
    Max: 50,000 tokens
  14. Unbreakable: Makes pickaxe not lose durability at all
    Max: 1,000,000
  15. Plentitude: Chance to double tokens on that swing. 1% per level, max of 5%
    Max: 1,125,000 tokens

  16. Haste: Optional enchant
    Max: 550,000 tokens

    Time for the expensive enchant. This one is more expensive, but is worth it. Feel free to skip it and come back whenever you can, but you want it as soon as you can afford it.
  17. LuckyKeys: At your own pace. This one gets very expensive, but can give you a chance to get a lot of tokens
    Max: 24.850,000 tokens

    Optional: Key upgrader. I would not get this, as it makes the key achievements more difficult
    Max: 150,000 tokens

    Congrats! You now have all the token enchants you can get for now. Now its time to work on the money enchants
  18. OreMultiplier: Increases money made from selling ores. 25% for level 1, 50% for level 2
    Max: 200,000 tokens
  19. SellMultiplier: Increases money made from selling ores. 25% for level 1, 50% for level 2
    Max: 200,000 tokens
  20. Multitude: Chance to double money made from that swing. 1% per level, max of 5%
    Max: 1,125,000 tokens
  21. Sunrise: Make more money during the day, 1% per level, max of 20%
    Max: 16,250,000
  22. Prestigious: increases money made by 1% per level, max of 10000%
    Max: 50,505,505,000 tokens. Yes, that is more than 50 billion tokens. Good luck. This one will be an enchant that you get over time. You can start now, or save for master enchants. You will want at least prestigious 3500 before you hit C1
Once you hit M1, stop upgrading prestigious and move on to the master enchants.

Master enchants
Congrats! You now have all the enchants you can get before M1 Once you hit M1, you can begin on working the master enchants. I suggest getting them in this order.
  1. Escalation: Increases your max token multiplier
    Max: Goes up with each master
    Can switch places with upsurge. Upgrade either one first, or both at the same time.
  2. Upsurge: increases your max sell multiplier
    Max: Goes up with each master
    Can switch places with escalation. Upgrade either one first, or both at the same time.
  3. DankTokens: Better version of lucky tokens.
    Max: 1,950,000 tokens
  4. Clever: Doubles chance for leveler to procc
    Max: 500,000 tokens
  5. DoubleLevel: Makes leveler give 2 levels instead of 1
    Max: 1,000,000 tokens
  6. Jackhammer: Another level to drill
    Max: 10,000,000 tokens
  7. Eclipse: More tokens at night
    Max: 4,500,000 tokens
  8. Dankify: Master enchant. Doubles money earned from Lucky money, master money, and champion money.
    Max: 250,000 tokens
    Optional: Get Frenzy 1. Has a chance to double money earned for everyone on the server for 15 seconds.
    Cost: 10,000,000
  9. Magnitude: Increases depth of lazer
    Feel free to skip this one, and just get it when you can afford it.
    Max: 150,000,000 tokens
  10. Prosper to level 3 once you have 20,000-30,000 fortune
  11. Prosper 5 at 40-50k
  12. Prosper maxed at 60-70k
    Max: 550,000,000 tokens

When you master again, repeat steps 1 and 2,then get back to working on prestigious.

Champ enchants
  1. Triple Level: Leveler adds 3 levels of fortune per proc
    Max: 10,000,000 tokens
  2. Abundance: Gives 1% more tokens per level, max of 500%
    Max: 6,737,500,000 tokens
  3. Elevate: Gives 1% more total money per level, max of 100%. This enchant stacks with all other enchants, so if you have 2500 prestigious, 1 level of elevate will give you the equivalent of 25 prestigious
    Max: 5,450,000,000 tokens
  4. Random Rankup: Get a free rankup after mining a certain amount of blocks. 1 level reduces amount of blocks needed by 10
    1 Level: 2,500,000 tokens
    Max: 11,962,500,000 tokens
  5. Random Prestige: Get a free prestige after mining a certain amount of blocks. 1 level reduces amount of blocks needed by 1000
    1 Level: 7,500,000 tokens
    Max: 24,670,000,000 tokens
  6. Random Master: Get a free master after mining a certain amount of blocks. 1 level reduces amount of blocks needed by 10000
    1 Level: 15,000,000
    Max: 49,350,000,000 tokens
  7. Double Rankup: 1% chance per level to rankup twice when random rankup procs. Max 100%
    1 Level: 10,000,000 tokens
    Max: 50,500,000,000 tokens
  8. Double Prestige: 1% chance per level to prestige twice when random prestige procs. Max 100%
    1 Level: 15,000,000
    Max: 75,750,000,000 tokens
  9. Double Master: 1% chance per level to master twice when random master procs. Max 100%
    1 Level: 20,000,000 tokens
    Max: 101,000,000,000 tokens
Only get 1 of the random enchants to start off
Get these first, and then you can choose what you want your play style to be, and base the next ones off of play style

Prestigious: If you use autominer a lot, you should work on prestigious, as randommoney doesn't activate unless you are actively mining

Enhancer: Increases chance of randommoney to proc by .01% per level, max of 1% chance proc rate
Max: 84,250,000 tokens

Random money: Alright, buckle up, this one is complicated
Random money gives 1 dollar per level as a base amount, and the cost increases by 1 token per level. The base amount is the multiplied by another amount, depending on what tier you are in
Tier 1: Less than/equal to Random Money 10. Multiplies base money by 100.
Tier 2: Less than/equal to Random Money 100. Multiplies base money by 1000
Tier 3: Less than/equal to Random Money 1000. Multiplies base money by 10000
Tier 4: Less than/equal to Random Money 10000. Multiplies base money by 100000
Tier 5: Less than/equal to Random Money 50000. Multiplies base money by 1000000
Tier 6: Less than/equal to Random Money 75000. Multiplies base money by 10000000
Tier 7: Less than/equal to Random Money 100000. Multiplies base money by 100000000
Tier 8: Less than/equal to Random Money 250000. Multiplies base money by 1000000000
Tier 9: Less than/equal to Random Money 500000. Multiplies base money by 10000000000

Champion Tokens: This one is again an active mining enchant. Chance to find 40, 80, and 160 tokens at a time

The rest of the enchants are just quality of life enchants. Feel free to get them whenever you want to.
Lucky Money: Chance to find small money bonuses.
Master Money: Small chance to receive small amounts of money
Champion Money: Small chance to receive small amounts of money
Key+ upgrader: Worst enchant in the game, don't get it.
Lucky Block upgrader: Auto combines lucky blocks into lb+

Helpful Commands:

/eff or /efficiency – Shows efficiency level
/unb or /unbreaking – Shows unbreaking level
/for or /fortune – Shows fortune level
/prestigious – Shows your prestigious bonus
/worth – Shows your pickaxe's worth
/worth <enchant> – Shows an enchant's worth on your pickaxe
/s prosper – Disables prosper messages
/s frenzy – Disables frenzy messages
/s rampage – Disables rampage messages
/s multitude – Disables multitude messages
/s plenitude – Disables plenitude messages
/s – Opens settings
/cu – Toggles CrateUpgrader
/ku – Toggles KeyUpgrader
/co – Toggles CrateOrganizer

Some of these might be wrong, let me know and I'll fix it.

Fishing Rod Guide
This one is a bit easier. Fishing can get you a lot of tokens, but you have to put a decent amount of tokens into a rod to even begin getting tokens. I would recommend not fishing until after M1 and you have at least lure 3
  1. Key Finder: Finds better keys
    Max: 1,050,000 tokens
  2. Key Doubler: 2.5% chance per level to double keys. Max of 25%
    Max: 550,000 tokens
  3. Crate Finder: Finds better crates
    Max: 3,000,000 tokens
  4. Crate Doubler: 2.5% chance per level to double crates. Max of 25%
    Max: 550,000 tokens
  5. Lure: Decreases time need to catch fish. 5 second decrease per level
    Max: 55,000,000 tokens

The rest are quality of life. Get them whenever you want to.

Sword Guide
I'm not very experienced with PvP, so I'm just explaining the enchants. Everybody has a different style, so get these in whatever order you want to.

Leech: 5% chance to steal a heart from your enemy, 1 per level. Max 3 hearts per proc
Infect: 5% chance to apply poison to your enemy for 5 seconds. Poison 1 = Level 1, Poison 2 = Level 2, Poison 3 = Level 3
Inhibitor: Small chance to stop your enemy from regening health for 2 seconds. Max level 3
Entangle: Small chance to entangle your enemy, stopping them from moving for 1 second per level, max level 3.
Grounded: Disables all forms of jumping potion effects. 3 seconds per level, max level 5
Shadowstep: Teleports you to the block you are looking at when triggered. 5 block range per level max level 4. 30 second CD
Divine Shield: Pressing shift 3 times quickly activates this enchant. You are immune from all damage for 3 seconds. 3 minute CD
Slowness: Activates 1 second of slowness every time you hit your enemy. Max level 1
Fangs: 5% chance to activate, summons a row of evoker fangs, damages anything in the way,, possibly launching them into the air.

Again, this is just a guideline. Fee free to go in whatever order you want. I included the prices so you can jump around if you want. Any questions? Ask me or anyone else online. Chances are, there will be at least 1 person on who knows the answer.

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