Alfa's Champion Guide

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Alfa's Champion Guide

Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:29 am

Welcome to my personal guide for Champions, meaning people who have reached C1 (M101) or above.
This guide will cover when you should get C1, Plus Pets, the enchants you should get as a Champion rank, and I will do my best to keep it constantly updated with the best possible strategy at the time to rankup through champion ranks as quickly and efficiently as possible through the use of certain enchants.

Disclaimer: A lot of text ahead, I will attempt to be as informational as I can be, so get ready for some reading.

C1 When?
Preparation for C1
Many people ask when should you go to C1, if you should wait for a certain pickaxe worth or just rush through masters. I believe the best way to go about this is to get C1 as soon as you have a good buildup of pets, meaning extras to turn the important ones into plus pets (will go into more detail later in the guide), and more extras to turn into stones (again, explanation is in the plus pets section of the guide).
If grinding through masters is too slow, then either fish for a while and get your prestigious up on your pickaxe, or if you're already in the high masters you can sell items on ah to get that last push into C1. I recommend only selling luckyblocks, lures, baits, and convoys or whatever else you have that isn't keys, because I believe the tokens from the keys are still important, since C1 enchants are definitely expensive.
The reason I believe so much in rushing C1, is because abundance is the best token making enchant (as of now), and the sooner you get C1 the sooner you can get tokens into it and massively improve your pickaxe worth simply by mining blocks. I went into C1 with a pickaxe worth 9.5 Billion tokens, and have gone up over 1 Billion of worth a day on many days, depending on the amount of blocks I mine. As your fortune increases, its scaling will too, and worth also goes up even faster, and since you can unlock the TripleLevel enchant at C1 you will gain fortune even faster.

Plus Pets
Once you reach champion rank, you can start crafting Plus Pets! Plus pets are crafted using two pets from the same type that are both at max level, for example: In order to make a CrateFinder+ Pet, you will need to combine 2 CrateFinder pets that are both max level, which used to be 7 at Masters but now it will become level 10. This means that you need 2 pets of the same type and you will also need to use pet stones. Pet stones can be gained in two ways: Salvaging a pet into a stone (one stone per pet), or buying them from the store (/buy). The reason you will need stones is because level 8 to 9 costs 1Quint, and level 9 to 10 costs 10Quint, meaning it will be basically impossible for you to do as a new champion, and it will still be hard even at higher ranks. Level 7 to 8 is 100Quad so I chose to not use stones for those levels, but if you're too lazy to grind for that money you can either sell items on ah or just use stones.
The pets that cap at Level 1, like LuckyKeys and Minigame pets, can be turned to Plus pets instanly just by having 2 of them.
You make plus pets by having both of them in your inventory, holding one of them, and using the command /petcombine .
Full list of all plus pets and their perks are available on Zach's All In One guide, on here I will only mention the pets that I believe are the most important to get into plus pets as soon as you reach C1.

Core Pets to make into Plus Pets:
Token+ Pet
Money+ Pet
Rankup+ Pet
Luckyblock+ Pet
Luckyblock++ Pet

This is your order of priorities, and of course in addition to these, the first ones you should do are the ones that cap at level 1, as soon as you have 2 of them. Keep in mind the rankup pets (Rankup/Prestige/Master/Champion) all stay capped at level 5 even at champion, so those are easy to get to plus pets.

Enchants While Grinding to C1
While you're mining your way to C1, you will of course keep making tokens either from fishing or from opening keys/crates. Except for Upsurge/Escalation that increase their cap at every master, the only thing you can use these tokens for after you already have everything else maxed, is Prestigious. Prestigious will help you make money faster in order to get to C1 faster, so put all of your extra tokens into it, unless you are not Dank Rank yet. Dank Rank is the first rank that gives you access to 100% token refund from using /rce, and it helps a lot on your grind to C1 since this way you can keep using tokens on prestigious and simply refund the extra back when you hit C1. Important to note that most of the Champion Enchants require you to have atleast 2501 levels of Prestigious in order to start leveling them. For this reason, if you are not Dank Rank, once you hit 2501 prestigious you should choose a level of prestigious that makes you make money consistently enough, or just use the auction house more to make money in high masters. You can always just put tokens into it anyways and refund at C1, but you will lose 50% of your tokens if you don't have Dank.

Pickaxe Enchant Guide
By now you have probably spent a decent amount of days of playtime on the server, so you can probably figure this part out yourself, but there are pretty basic things you should initially do once you reach C1 in terms of enchants.

Core Enchants You Should Get First:
ChampionTokens - Level 3 (Max)
TripleLevel - Level 1 (Max)
Magnitude - Level 5 (New Max after reaching C1).
One level of each Random Enchant (RandomRankup, RandomPrestige, RandomMaster).
Optional: one level of each Double Enchant (DoubleRankup, DoublePrestige, DoubleMaster).

I personally didnt even bother getting ChampionMoney, even if its cheap it's pretty useless in terms of how much you make (same goes for MasterMoney).

Next step is maxing Abundance. Abundance makes you make more tokens while mining, and this is one of the most important enchants in Champion, since it will be your main income of tokens, and it is essentially Prestigious, but for tokens. This makes fishing obsolete, since you will now make more tokens while mining (unless you happen to be very lucky while fishing). Maxing Abundance (level 500) costs 6,737,500,000 tokens, so this might take you some time but you will make tokens much faster with it at higher levels. If you wish you can still fish in order to get abundance higher, since fishing is still a good token income when you don't have abundance maxed yet.

After you max abundance the next step is maxing Elevate, which is necessary both for higher money income to level up your pets to level 8, and also for the rankup strategy I use at the moment of writing this guide.
Elevate costs slightly less than abundance to max, at only 5,450,000,000 tokens to reach level 100 (Max). Some people combine Elevate and Prestigious while increasing their money income, but I personally never tested how it compares to just putting it all into Elevate first.

Once you have all of your pets at level 8, you can continue working on either getting more pets or more stones, and you can also now start working on your strategy for ranking up through Champions.

RankUp Strategy - Constantly Updated
There will probably be constant changes in the best strategy to rankup through champions, but currently there are two main strategies:
1. Using Random Enchants
2. Using /mr at new prestiges (AKA The Alfa strat!)
I will explain both of the general ideas of these strategies, and you can choose for yourself which one you wish to use, or of course come up with new ones.

Random Enchants
This strategy uses the Random Rankup enchants (RandomRankup, RandomPrestige, RandomMaster). This strategy is pretty old and outdated in my opinion, and has been used since Random enchants were released.
It basically involves leveling random enchants at a certain order. It starts with maxing RandomRankup, and then putting tokens into DoubleRankup until you have enough in it that you could use to max RandomPrestige instead. it continues from there, pretty simple but also very expensive and I believe the ratio of the token cost of these enchants to the efficiency of this strategy for ranking up is not worth it, especially for lower champions when you most likely have a pretty bad pickaxe worth.

The Alfa Strategy (Patent Pending)
This is a strategy I came up after being in C1 for about a month, and realizing how slow progress was.
Ill explain the basic idea of this strategy and some variations people use, but won't go into too much detail on how exactly I do it in order to keep my advantage. This strategy is also constantly evolving so feel free to experiment and find what works best for you at your champion and your master within that champion.
The basic idea is having all of your tokens into Elevate and Prestigious, while keeping atleast one level of each Random Enchant, and every time you rankup from Free -> A in a certain prestige, you use /mr. This strategy is based on the fact that ranking up is so much cheaper in lower ranks within prestiges, in fact ranking up from A -> Y costs as much as ranking up from Y -> Z. Therefore using money for lower ranks is more efficient than using randoms, and using random at higher ranks is more efficient than using money. This does require more concentration and effort while mining since it means you need to use /mr every time you reach a new prestige, but this way I've been able to get a prestige in sometimes as low as once every 20 seconds, usually average is about a prestige every 30 seconds, which would be 120 Prestiges an hour (1.2 Masters). This is way faster than using high level random enchants, and its still being improved. Some people use /mr 24 , which if you are rank A will take you exactly from A -> Y. This way you even make extra money to use to /mr when you hit a new master, which helps you skip through the first 10-20 early cheap prestiges, or use the extra money for the auction house if anyone ever actually sells anything important.

Due to the recent addition of the RandomMoney Enchant, I have decided to include it in this section of my guide, since it perfectly ties in with my rankup strategy for champions. Using RandomMoney you are now able to get way more money which opens up possibilities for the "Alfa Strat" and massively speeds up the rankup process, making it more efficient than any other strategy available at the moment.
After following my previous instructions on Champion Enchants, once you're done maxing Elevate you can now start looking into RandomMoney. Once you max Elevate you want to refund all of it, and assuming you have 100% refund (Dank Rank or above), this will be just enough to get your Enhancer maxed (increases RandomMoney Proc, goes up to Level 100 for Champion) along with RandomMoney 100k+1 (100001). The reason for this specific level is, as seen in Zach's guide, RandomMoney has certain brackets with more to be added in the future, and the most important one and the starting point for champions in my opinion is the 100k+1 bracket. In this bracket every proc of RandomMoney gives you 100T (Trillion), which combined with max Enhancer will give you more money than 100 levels of Elevate will. This allows you to rankup faster while having to worry a lot less about balancing your rankups with your income, and also allows to save higher amounts of money when you hit a new Champion, allowing for bigger rankups for a good head-start (M20 or even higher). Combined with RandomMoney 100k+1 and my strategy you can rankup rapidly, going from A to W or A to X every new prestige, and then to prestige 30-50 (depending on champion) every new Master, while still having enough money to skip 20 or so early masters in a new champion.
In order to take this strategy one step further, the next step is getting RandomMoney 250k+1 (250001), which puts you into a new bracket, where you gain 2.5Q (Quadrillion) per proc. This is the best bracket at the moment for its cost, since it seriously allows you to fly through Champions, going up a Champion in under a week or even as little as 1-2 days if you mine a LOT.
To go from RandomMoney 100k+1 to 250k+1, you will need 26,250,225,000 tokens. This is a lot of tokens, but it can be done in about a month if you mine a decent amount with max abundance (speed depends on artifacts and of course luck with finding crates). I recommend that after you get RandomMoney 100k+1, you max Elevate (100), Prosper (10), RandomRankup (300), and get your Prestigious to roughly 4800-4850. This will be enough tokens, once refunding all of your elevate, prosper, RandomRankup (down to level 1) and Prestigious (down to 2501), to get RandomMoney 250k+1. This is quite a grind but it is 100% worth it if you're looking to make massive amounts of money and greatly improve your income. Using this combined with my strategy, you can use /mr 23 (A to X) every new Prestige, and /mr 1104 (P0 A to P40 Y) every new Master, and have enough saved up at your next Champion to go all the way to M40 or even more, depending on your Champion. This is by far the best way to not have to worry about your money while making very fast progress.
From there max your RandomRankup again, maybe get some DoubleRankup (25 is at a good value for price point), and think what you want to do next, get more RandomMoney (no other brackets exist atm higher than 250k+1), or max Elevate and Prestigious.

Hope this guide can help all you new or existing Champions, and good luck on your grind!
Feel free to reply here or message me on discord any feedback you may have :)

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