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Frequently Asked Questions

Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:37 am

Can someone give me money/tools? There is no way to give or get items, money or tokens from other players. This is to ensure that no players are getting boosted. Boosting of any kind is not allowed on DankPrison.

Is swearing allowed? In a simple answer Yes but it is limited. Players that have donated have a filter bypass for most swears. Although the short answer is yes, any player that does not have a donor rank will not be allowed to swear. Any attempt to bypass the filter can result in punishment.

How do I rankup up multiple times at once? Use the command /mr to max rankup or you can limit how many times you rank up with /mr (amount).

How do I upgrade my pickaxe? You can right click your pickaxe to open the enchant menu or you can type /ce. If you wish to disable the right click feature you can use /s rightclick.

What is the best pickaxe? Currently the best pickaxe on the server is TheMostDankest pickaxe. This pickaxe is extremely rare and your probability of getting it is very low. At the time of writing this no player has received this pickaxe from the Dankest Crate. The best probable pickaxe any player starting out is any event pickaxe or a pickaxe of the tier Master OG or higher. The crates will take a long time to get which is why most players recommend using an event pickaxe.

What is an artifact? An artifact is an item that can be found from mining, fishing, automining, event crates, and dankest crates. They are used to slightly boost your pickaxe so you have better rates at finding/getting more of certain items. There are currently 4 types of artifacts, Sell, Token, Lucky Block, and Lucky Block+. There are 2 types of sell artifacts, one for your pickaxe and one for your fishing rod. All other artifacts can only be found for pickaxes.

How do I get food? Use /food to get food.

How do I make my items unsalvageable/untrashable? Use /ce unsalvageable and /ce untrashable. If you wish to remove these use /rce unsalvageable and /rce untrashable.

How do I remove enchants from my pickaxe? Use /rce to open up the menu to see all enchants or specify which enchant you want to remove by using /rce (enchant) (amount). Be warned, if you are not Dank+ rank you only get 50% of the tokens back. At Dank rank you receive 100% token refund.

Why are my crates disappearing? If you have purchased the crate upgrader enchant, it will take 4 crates of the same tier and combine them to make 1 of the next tier. Another reason your crates could be being used is if you are standing on redstone while holding a crate, this will automatically open the crate for you.

How can I open multiple crates at once? Shift-Right Click while holding the desired crate you want to open. This only works on token crates unless you have the auto-salvage pet or legendary rank.

How do I use my games? You can use your games at /warp wof /warp plinko /warp slots. To speed up these games you can use /s wof /s plinko /s slots. If you wish to turn off the messages from these games you can use /s wofmsg /s plinkomsg /s slotsmsg. To use multiple games at once use /wof (amount) /plinko (amount). Please note that slots cannot be used in multiple attempts.

How do I get wood? You can get wood with /wood.

Where can I store items? You can store items in your private vault using /pv 1. If you wish to have more store you can claim a plot with /plot auto. To get more private vaults you will need to purchase a donator rank.

Does the shop cost anything? All items from /shop are completely free, the only way to get rid of these items is with /trash or storing them in a chest on your plot or in your private vault.

Can I add people to my plot? There is NO way to add people to your plot. This is to prevent boosting of other players.

What can I do with spare gear? Spare items from crates can be salvaged with /salvage. To salvage a bunch of these items at once you can use /salvageall or the shortcut command /sa. To turn off the confirmation you can use /s saconfirm.

How do I get gems? You can mine up gems in any mine or you can fish them in in /pvp. To get more gems, you can get a gem pet which will give 2x gems every time you find one.

What are gems for? Gems are use to enchant your sword with /ce while holding the sword you wish to enchant.

Is fishing good? The simple answer to this question is yes. Fishing is very useful to help you gain more talent points. It is also good for getting tokens by receiving a lot of crates and keys.

How do I get a fishing rod? Use /fr to obtain a fishing rod.

How do I enchant my fishing rod? Use /ce while holding the fishing rod.

When should I fish? Most players would recommend fishing after getting M1. This is because its much easier for you to gain more tokens. Players also recommend getting 64 million tokens so that you can max out your rod before starting to fish. This is because of specific enchants which will make fishing more efficient.

How do I turn off these spamming messages about crates and tokens? To turn of these messages and a bunch of other settings use /s. Specifically for just tokens and crates is /s tokens and /s crates. To edit which crate messages you do see, use /cratemsg.

Are alts/alternate accounts allowed? No, the use of alternate accounts is not allowed for any reason. If you lose access to your main account, please let a staff member know as soon as you join on an alternate account.

How do I get to my mine? To warp to a specific mine use /warp (mine name). To see a list of a lot of different warps on the server use /warp.

What do you do with experience levels? Experience levels can be converted to tokens with the EXPExchanger enchant or by clicking the nether star in the enchant menu.

How do I pause my multipliers? Multipliers pause when you are not on the server or in the plot world. Another way to ensure that your multiplier swill not run out is to get platinum rank or the infinite sell and multiplier pets.

How do I get M1/C1? M1 is known as Master 1 which is equivalent to prestige 101. This means you need to prestige 101 times to become Master 1. C1 is known as Champion 1 which is equivalent to Master 101. This means you need to master 101 times to become Champion 1.

Do I lose items if I die in pvp? Items are not lost upon death in any world including pvp.

How do I get to the nether mine? The nether mine is one of the best mines on the server. To get to this mine you need to find a Nether Mine (Port Key). Once you have this item, you right click it and it will warp you to the nether mine. Be warned, when you are in the nether mine you will slowly take damage over time. The longer you are in the nether mine, the more damage you will take until you eventually die or warp out. This mine has a 186% sell value, this is the same as the top donator ranks private mine. This mine also has a 1.2x drop rate for all loot items.

How do I get + pets? + Pets are obtained only in champion by using /petcombine. To combine pets, both pets need to be max level when you run the command, they both must also be in your inventory.

How do I sell items? You gain access to /ah when you reach M1. To sell on the auction house use the command /ah sell. The auction house has set values for a lot of items, meaning you do not control what items sell for. Not all items are sellable. If you find an item that is not sellable, there may be a few different possibilities as to why. If the item is a crate or gear, it must be above Dank tier to be sold. Event items are not sellable. Most pvp related items are not sellable, exceptions include swords and armor.

How do I sell stuff on a private ah? To sell any items you would like to sell to a specific person to avoid being ah sniped, you can use the commands /pah add (name of player you want to purchase the items) and then use /pah sell. You can also be added to other players private auction houses. Just be careful as there is a cap as to how many people you can add to a private ah at once. Use the command /pah remove (name) to remove someone from your private ah.

How do I check the value of an item I want to sell? To check the value of any item use /value. This command is very useful as it tells you how much your item will sell for on the auction house. Prices scale based on your master/champion.

How do I turn off rankup messages in chat? You can use the commands /s rankup /s prestige /s master and /s champion.

How do I reset/go into hardcore mode? You can reset by running the command /reset. This will reset your account back to as if you have never joined the server before. The only thing you keep is your donator rank if you have one. To go into hardcore mode use /hardcore. This will reset your progress just like /reset but will put you into hardcore mode which has 50% less token and money gain.

How do I get LPB/LPB+ There are many ways to obtain these rare items. You can get them from /buy, event crates, donation crates, daily bonus, vote rewards by using /vr, slot attempts, and the traditional methods such as fishing, mining, and automining.

How do I get Lucky Blocks/Lucky Blocks+? These are uncommon items to get from mining, automining, and fishing.

How do I get/use Convoy Flares? Convoy flares are rare drops from mining, automining, and fishing. To use a convoy flare, you simply need to go to /pvp and right click the flare on the ground. It will spawn the chest in a random location around the pvp warzone. Be the first to arrive at the convoy to loot it. Convoys can give a bunch of different types of loot such as Keys, Crates, Potions, and have a 100% chance to give an Enchanted Sunflower. Convoys take 2 minutes to fall from the sky once they are spawned, they will last 5 minutes on the ground before they eventually despawn.

How do I get/use a soulstone? Soulstones are rare items found from mining, automining, and fishing. These are used to grant you 1 extra life before being added to the death blacklist. You can also use these to remove your current death blacklist timer.

What are sunflowers and how do I use them? Enchanted sunflowers are found in convoys and can be used at the npc in spawn named convoy bob. You can trade in sunflowers for gems or artifacts.

What version of pvp is this server? Dank prison is a 1.9+ pvp server meaning you have to time your swings to deal the most possible damage instead of spam clicking.

How do I get games? You can get game attempts from lucky blocks, voting, vote reward points, donation crates, and /buy. If you have a specific game pet/have the talent for the game you can also find that game from mining, fishing, and automining.

Are donator ranks worth it? All donator ranks are worth purchasing as it supports the server which keeps it online and tells the owner (Dank420Girl) that you enjoy the server.

How do I get money? The fastest way to gain money is through mining. Some enchants that can help you gain money faster include prestigious, fortune, and sunrise.

What are tokens for? Tokens are used to enchant you pickaxe and upgrade backpacks.

What are backpacks? There are 3 different types of backpacks on this server, Crate backpacks, Key backpacks, and Pet backpacks. To access each of these you can complete your daily bonus tree until you unlock it or you can buy a rank that unlocks them. To open each backpack use /cbp, /kbp, /pbp.

What is the highest possible rank to get? Currently the highest possible rank to rankup to is C100. There are tiers after this such as K1 and R1 but they are not released at this current moment.

Does the server ever reset? The server will never reset. This is because there is no boosting on the server so therefore the economy cannot break.

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