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NightSkye_ Banappeal

Mon May 01, 2023 8:00 am

1. In-Game Name: NightSkye_
2. Discord Name: Lune#6949
3. What Rule You Broke:
#10.6: Using any form of Automation is not allowed.
#4: Do not abuse Server Bugs. Taking advantage of In-Game Bugs will result in a harsh punishment.
Do Not Use AFK Pools, Auto-Fishers, Auto-Relog, Mining Bots, Macros, Scripts, or anything to bypass the AFK-Auto Kick. This includes using any Minecraft bug that locks keys.
4. Appealing for Server or Discord: I've got banned on both so I'd say both but Minecraft would be most appreciated of course
5. Reason You Have Been Punished: "using any Minecraft bug that locks keys. "Scripting""
6. Length Of Your Punishment: Permanent
7. Why Should You Be unbanned/unmuted:

Dear Dank or other Forum Mod,

It's been a while... Over the past months i have really been thinking about my actions and the consequences of those actions. Searching certain solutions for my problems with my hands to keep up with my "friends" and their rank, wasn't the way. I should've accepted that i couldnt play more than i did, and not search those stupid solutions. I've really been missing to play on DankPrison, therefore I posted my first banappeal far too quick in a desperate rush, when I started to realize what I was missing. I'd love to be able to play again, and if that means my account has to be rolled back, or wiped. I shall understand that. I really miss the vibing among my friends while watching Netflix and mining on dank. The things I've done were foolish, I surely do agree and therefore I'm okay with being wiped or rolled back.

If needed I can give an In Depth of the whole 'account sharing happening' which was about a group of 4 people where from I believe, 2 (including me) not sober. I didnt actually play on anyone's account, I've only watched on parsec while someone else (I don't remember who) was playing on this other person's account. I do admit to logging on to his parsec but i did not actually play on his account.

My apologies for the things I did and I promise I know better now and wont let it happen again.


8. Have you read all the Extended Rules and understand them?: Yes I reread all of them and understand them.

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