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Dank Prison - Ban Appeal Information

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:22 pm
by Dank420Girl

If you are reading this it means you have most likely broken one of our server rules and looking to appeal your punishment.
We have a variety of different servers rules which can be found here
You need to find the rule/rules you broke in the Extended Rules and include them in your appeal.

How to Appeal

You MUST read over this information BEFORE completing a punishment appeal.
You MUST use the correct format when creating a punishment appeal.

Appeal Format

The title/subject of your thread MUST be “Your IGN - Ban Appeal”

1. In-Game Name:
2. Discord Name:
3. What Rule You Broke:
4. Appealing for Server or Discord:
5. Reason You Have Been Punished:
6. Length Of Your Punishment:
7. Why Should You Be unbanned/unmuted:
8. Have you read all the Extended Rules and understand them?:

Click here to start making your appeal